La Casa Hispana

Study Abroad Without Leaving Charleston at 8 Bull Street


The Spanish House, located on campus at 8 Bull Street, is managed by the Office of Residence Life and Housing; regular fees for historic houses apply. The house is furnished and has internet access and cable television. There are four double rooms plus a single room for a Resident Assistant. The house has two bathrooms, a living room and laundry facilities on the ground floor, a full kitchen, a front porch, and a large courtyard in the back with picnic tables.

The primary purpose of Casa Hispana is the study and understanding of the Spanish language and culture. This housing option is for women and men and requires applicants in Spanish to be enrolled in Spanish 202 or higher, or have a minimum proficiency equivalent. Residents must declare a major or minor in Spanish and speak Spanish at all times in the house. In addition, students living in the house are responsible for hosting 2-3 cultural events per semester.  Click here for application infomation.

La Casa Hispana is a residential living and learning community located in a historic house o8 Bull Streetn campus that offers great opportunities to students. There is a Resident Assistant responsible for overall resident safety. The house has additional faculty oversight and support from the Hispanic Studies department. Residents program events together and separately, offering inter-house exchanges and the chance to meet new friends just down the street. And these houses are located only one block from the center of campus! For information on cost and amenities, see Campus Housing, Historic Houses.

For more information for Spanish-speaking residents, please contact:
Prof. Devon Hanahan