What former Casa residents have to say:

Emily's Experience

As a Spanish major at the College of Charleston and a big fan of Hispanic culture, I have found that living in the Casa Hispana has done nothing but help me with my major! One of the obvious benefits, of course, being that I get the opportunity to speak Spanish every day.  However, living in "La Casa" as we (and all our friends) affectionately call it brings even more advantages I had not even considered.  For one, you get to live on campus, close to classes, the library and all the action downtown brings.  Additionally, everyone else in La Casa shares in a love for Spanish and Hispanic culture.  Moreover, since everyone in La Casa is or has studied Spanish in some capacity, we all act as one another's teachers and tutors.  We one another advice on how to learn the tricks of the dreaded subjuntivo or give insights to regional accents (like how "posho, pojo and poyo really are all "pollo").  The sense of community and common interests in Spanish is what makes La Casa Hispana a truly unique and fun experience! I would have missed out on so many great moments and friendships (both with native and non native speakers) if I hadn't lived in La Casa and highly recommend living here to anyone who wants to get that extra dose of Spanish in their everyday life!

~Emily W. Spanish and LACS major, class of 2012

Crystal's Experience

I lived in La Casa Hispana for three years, so I have seen many people come and go. It was quite interesting to see the changes in the dynamics of the house with different people from year to year or even semester to semester. The sense of community and oneness of "the Casa," as some of usrefer to it, is what is most memorable to me. The fact we are united by our love of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture is what sets usapart from other on campus housing. I will certainly miss the salsa nights on Thursday that many of us shared as well as the various events we helped set up together. I have made so many friendships in that house that I will never be the same for having made the decision to live there year after year until the end of my undergraduate career.

~Crystal D.

Maria's Experience

I lived in La Casa Hispana for two years and the experience was something irreplaceable. There is nothing more comforting and inspiring than being surrounded by a group of people who are motivated in the same area of study. Living in La Casa not only strengthened my Spanish speaking skills, but also broadened my perspectives and supplemented my knowledge of the world outside of the United States. Here, we were able to share our traveling experiences as well as give each other advice. La Casa, to me, was like a "safe house," where I could confide in my roommates and go to them with any question because I knew we shared a similar mindset.

While living with 8 other girls in La Casa Hispana, I not only grew and flourished in my academics, but I also matured as a person, a world traveler, and a team player.

~Maria T.